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Joe Johnson aka ‘Sloppy Joe’ arrived in Colchester almost 35 years ago all the way from San Antonio, Texas. Thanks to his friendly nature and mouthwatering culinary skills he quickly made many new friends. Delighted by Joe’s Tex-Mex cooking they encouraged him to open a restaurant so that everyone could enjoy the same American dining experience that Joe had given them. Word quickly spread about Joe’s friendly restaurant and mouthwatering culinary skills and people flocked to the restaurant from miles around. So popular were Joe and his cooking, and so happy was he with his new found friends, that he decided to stay in Colchester and run his new restaurant. Over the years Joe added many more new and tasty dishes to his menu, including one extremely tasty but very messy dish, which earned him the affectionate nickname of “Sloppy Joe” amongst his friends. Since those early beginnings nearly 25 years ago Sloppy Joe’s has served over 2 million customers making it one of the most popular and enduring restaurants in the area. It boasts a 120 seater non-smoking restaurant, separate licensed cocktail bar and probably one of the largest and most diverse menus in the area.

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